“A continuation of service” – by Gary Roney


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I am a officer in the United States Navy. I have committed 19 years to
the service of our country. I started my Naval career as an enlisted
nuclear machinst mate serving aboard fast attack submarines. I have had
the fortune of advancing through the enlisted ranks to that of a chief
petty officer. Seeking a higher degree of challenge and responsibility I
applied and was accepted into the Limited Duty Officer ranks. My tenure
as an officer has allowed me to serve aboard the USS Carl Vinson in
support of our efforts in the middle east and as a Nuclear training
Officer at a government shipyard.
My service to our country and our Navy has been a rewarding
experience and I desire to continue service up to my thirty year
anniversary. My resume suits me well for employment in shipbuilding.
However, I have decided to broaden my knowledge in the discipline of
public administration and to seek employment in local or state
I conducted my undergraduate studies at Norfolk State University
in the discipline of interdisciplinary studies. I was able to
accomplish the curriculum while on active duty and maintained a 4.0 GPA.
I have completed four of the thriteen required courses at Troy State
University and have been able to sustain a 4.0 GPA as well.
My education desires are supplemented by the military, but I
continue to pay a portion of my tuition from my personal finances. A
scholarship such as this one would ensure that I could financially
pursue my goal and attain a Masters in Public Administration. As I
broaden my knowledge on the discipline of government and administration,
I am motivated and humbled at the potential to continue my service.

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