A Drone App Store, the Department of Defense Mobile Strategy, and More

Here is today’s federal cybersecurity and information technology news:

  • The Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity will fund research into how the brain connects concepts in order to build better analysis tools. More here.
  • The Department of Defense’s Acquisition, Technology and Logistics directorate is looking to create an Unmanned Aerial Systems ”app store” for mission-specific capabilities. More here.
  • The Office of Management and Budget has released new guidance for agencies to use modular contracting to break information technology projects into smaller segments. More here.
  • Maj. Gen. Jennifer Napper was named director of plans and policy at U.S. Cyber Command. More here.
  • The Department of Defense has issued a new mobile device strategy that aims to improve mobile infrastructure, devices, and applications. More here.
  • The Department of Defense and Veteran’s Affairs are looking for commercial products to track laboratory for their integrated electronic health records. More here.
  • The U.S. Army wants to update the gaming system it uses for virtual training exercises to include construction and management simulation, massive multi-player online role playing gaming, and real-time strategy gaming. More here.
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation Counterintelligence released a report on threats and risks from social networking deception. More here.
  • The U.S. Department of Energy’s Sequoia was named the most powerful supercomputer in the world with 1.57 million processor cores capable of performing 16.32 quadrillion floating-point calculations per second. More here.

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