A Few Personal Reflections

untitledToday’s blog is a bit different in tone than many of my previous blogs. Today, I’d like to take a few moments and reflect on personal, rather than business ideas.

With Passover having just started, Easter approaching on Sunday, and our Hindu friends starting celebrations as well, so many of us are celebrating in these glorious days of spring. What I’m reminded of is not so much our differences, but our similarities.

There are many ways I could catalog differences: what our houses and books of worship look like; the level of holiness each of the celebrations reflect. So many things that make us different, sad that some in this world are bent on destruction over those differences.

But our similarities are where I find comfort in senseless violence like the shootings in Overland Park on Sunday. There are similarities in how we weep for loved ones whose lives are cut down short and in unnatural ways. There are similarities in the hope we each cling to for a world where senseless violence no longer mars a spring outing, where violence no longer breeds fear and hatred.

We are similar because we are human. We love, we fear and we cry the same.

In this season of remembrances of things past, time spent with family and friends will resonate with each of us in many of the same ways. And, while we’re always happy to help you solve an organizational issue, today I want to simply reach out, one person to another.

May each of us enjoy reflection, good food, wonderful company and a renewed sense of our humanity. Because whatever issues we face in life, be they personal or professional, recognizing our similarities will bring us much closer to resolution than emphasizing our differences.

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