A Look at CumuLogic’s Java PaaS for Clouds

CumuLogic is ready to provide PaaS services for your enterprise

CumuLogic is a cloud computing company founded by Sun Microsystems’ alumni. The company has developed a Java Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) software that makes it easier and faster to develop and deploy Java applications (apps) in the cloud. By automating the management of the runtime environments for developing and deploying Java apps in the cloud, including automated scaling, CumuLogic’s Java PaaS can reduce the current time these steps take from upwards of multiple weeks to under a day. Cloud computing is not just about Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS). The cloud is about the applications, and getting them to your customers in a timely and effective way.

CumuLogic’s Java PaaS is now in beta with general availability coming soon. Their offering provides a no-lock in PaaS solution for Java apps that works on either public or private clouds. An enterprise can easily move apps between their own private cloud and a public cloud if needed. CumuLogic PaaS supports Amazon EC2, Eucalyptus, Citrix/Cloud.com CloudStack, OpenStack, and VMware private clouds. The architecture is flexible, cloud agnostic, hypervisor agnostic, offers mix-and-match infrastructure components, and has IT integration points. The beta product supports the following open source web servers, app servers, and databases: Ngnix, Apache, Tomcat, JBoss, Jetty, GlassFish, MongoDB and MySQL. The product also supports connections to an Oracle database. CumuLogic PaaS architecture is designed for high availability and failover. Fault tolerance is built in at every tier of the platform to meet the needs of mission critical applications.

Unlike today’s PaaS platforms like Google App Engine or application server-based approaches such as IBM WebSphere or Oracle/BEA WebLogic, Cumulogic recognizes that enterprise applications often exist in a tightly integrated ecosystem of highly varied and version dependent infrastructure components such as databases, web servers, libraries, and the like. Infrastructure component choices and their versions are often dependent on the goals of the executing application. The same is true for different application deployment scenarios where the choice of components is dictated by the specific service goals to be achieved.

CumuLogic is the first and only PaaS offering for application service development and deployment that supports full choice of an application’s infrastructure components regardless of whether they are open source, purchased from ISVs, or built in-house and proprietary. Existing PaaS platforms give limited choice of infrastructure components while application server vendors require significant component knowledge, integration, and testing to guarantee and maintain application functionality and integrity. CumuLogic PaaS provides freedom of choice for a wide selection of infrastructure components automating the otherwise costly integration of those components into a fully functioning application environment. CumuLogic PaaS also allows those applications to function on a CumuLogic platform(s) hosted on one or multiple internal sites and/or external service providers. Additionally, CumuLogic’s PaaS addresses enterprise security and compliance issues. Applications that require isolation can be managed separately to execute in isolation if required. Other applications without this requirement can share infrastructure components.

With the above features, the benefits of CumuLogic are dramatic:

  • Enhanced developer productivity,
  • A twenty to thirty percent cost savings in application lifecycle management, and
  • Increased overall business agility.

Check out CumuLogic’s Java PaaS at www.cumulogic.com for your cloud computing application needs.

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