A look at Los Angeles County’s FY 2012 budget

Deltek Analyst Erin Brady reports.

Los Angeles County’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) William Fujioka presented his recommended budget in April 2011 and made it clear he wanted to balance the budget and address a $220.9 million shortfall while preserving critical services and avoiding furloughs and layoffs. Fujioka was able to do so by using $185.2 million in one-time funding, $35.7 million in reductions of ongoing operational spending, and eliminating 257 vacant budgeted positions. Some of the operational spending and vacant position cuts come from the Department of Public Social Services, the Department of Children and Family Services, and the Department of Parks and Recreation, each of which were subject to several million dollars in reductions.

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The above table illustrates the changes in revenue and total spend over the past three fiscal years. The table shows the county’s revenue has increased significantly since FY 2010 and seems to be showing a positive trend. The table also shows the budget for employee benefits increased extraordinarily to nearly $11 million from FY 2011 to FY 2012. The Affirmative Action Compliance Office, on the other hand, decreased 100 percent, losing almost $13 million as a result of its consolidation with the Department of Human Resources.

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