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A recap from GOSCON: Open source beyond cutting costs

My colleague, Gunnar Hellekson, posted some great insights from GOSCON this week on a session he attended about “Cutting Costs” — before the big shake-up…I mean Earthquake. Honestly, I didn’t know GOSCON and using open source in government could be so moving and disruptive. (Too early?)

Paraphrasing, Alex Howard of O’Reilly moderated a panel discussion with Dr. David Wheeler of the Institute for Defense Analysis, Tiffany Smith Licciardi from the State Department’s Office of eDiplomacy, and Greg Elin, the Chief Data Officer for the FCC.

In his post, Gunnar eloquently depicts the story of the scholar, the advocate, and the diplomat. He also provided insight into a process that many of you probably know all to well, the RFP process. This is described as “Climbing the Mountain.”

If you interested in things like procurement beyond single budget cycles, total cost of ownership, licensing, or how eDiplomacy programs are using social media tools, then his post is a must read. I really enjoyed it.

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