A review of Quickoffice Pro HD for the Android Tablet

Every week at CTOvision we will be reviewing a mobile application that makes our enterprise run smoother. This week I will be reviewing the Quickoffice Pro HD for the Honeycomb Tablet.

You can use any keyboard (not just the stock) with Quickoffice Pro HD

I have been using Quickoffice Pro for 6 months now. I use it on my 7″ Galaxy Tab to take notes and do a little bit of Excel spreadsheets on it. I have been extremely pleased with it, though found it does have some limitations. The Froyo/Gingerbread version is available in the Android market for $7.99 and the HD version is $19.99. There are also Symbian OS and iOS versions of Quickoffice but I cannot review either.

There are some really excellent features of Quickoffice. One of my favorites is the ability to sync with Google Docs, Dropbox and other accounts (including MobileMe and Box.net). I have tried other mobile suites (such as Documents To Go and Polaris Office – bundled with the Asus Transformer) and found that feature lacking. I use Dropbox extensively because of its desktop client, and we use Google Docs for our enterprise. The ability to use these accounts is a make-or-break requirement of any mobile office client for me.

The multi-paned explorer makes it easy to find your files

Quickoffice is great for notes and writing. I really like it on the 7″ tablet that I can just slip into my jacket pockets for any and all meetings. The HD version allows you to copy and paste to and from any Android application – a great feature, allowing true multi-tasking. The folder browsing is great – it has a multi-paned explorer that lets you quickly sort through all of your files/folders.

One thing that is sub-par however, is the dedication that you have to have to saving. Sometimes I will find myself losing work (too often in fact) so make sure before you switch applications that you save (everytime).

Quickoffice will never replace MSOffice for the desktop, but for mobile (both tabs and smartphones) I find it to be the best. If you have an Android tablet, and do any sort of “work” on it, you owe it to yourself to check out Quickoffice.

Create Presentations on the go w/ Quickoffice

Pros: Ability to save in “doc/docx” formats, download/upload multiple cloud storage capabilities, text formatting and work capabilities everywhere you go.

Cons: constantly having to save, $19.99 is a little pricey (no demo version).

Conclusion: I use Quickoffice extensively for meetings and even work (as well this review) and have found it to be extremely capable with everything I plan to do on the road. I would recommend it to anyone with a tablet and if you need to do some work on your smartphone, it is worth the $7.99.

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