A Special Project – Innovative Public Health Projects in First Nations Communities

This is a very special post as I’m reaching out to the Govloop community to talk about a special project I am currently working on.

My department, Health Canada, is holding a webinar to showcase Innovative Public Health Projects in First Nations Communities. The first webinar takes place on Wednesday, May 23rd from 1:30 – 3:30 p.m. EDT and features the First Nations Community Public Health Pilot Project.

The project is composed of three sites: File Hills Qu’Appelle in SK; Four Arrows Regional Health Authority in MB; and, Kenora Chiefs Advisory in ON. Each site will present and describe the various community based models that they explored to improve public health services and delivery in their communities.

The webinar is open to everyone who is interested. For information on how to register, and for the complete list of webinars, please visit the Health Canada internet at http://bit.ly/Kt1tnQ

*Note: The presentations will be given in English, but copies of the presentations will be available in both official languages and bilingual staff will be available at the webinar sessions to answer questions and comments.

Scott McNaughton

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