Aakash Desai: Why I’m Coding for America

We live in a unique time. The internet has grown from a technology into a global canvas for human expression, education, and information. We have a tool at our disposal that allows us to connect to each other on a deep level, instantaneously. Family members on opposite sides of the world can communicate in real-time. Vast sums of knowledge are available for free to any person in the world. Platforms to share your own thoughts, creations, and interests on a global-scale take little to no time to build. The way we fundamentally connect to each other is rapidly evolving with us and for us.

Yet, with all of these breakthroughs in our communications systems, we still manage to work with archaic technology that directly slows down how we govern and support our daily lives. We can do better. There is an incredible opportunity to mend the innovation gap between how we connect with each other and how we organize and govern our ourselves. In support of a better way, I’m coding for America to build a bridge to spark creativity and vibrancy between people and the governments that serve them.

I am happy to announce that I will be joining Code for America as a Product and Program Manager for its Fellowship program. My chief responsibility is to help Fellows better experiment and innovate within governments while delivering apps/services that motivate citizens to be more involved. Looking forward to what the future holds and how we build it together.

Questions? Comments? Hit us up @codeforamerica.

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