AGA’s Citizen Centric Reporting and Government Transparency

I found out about the Association of Government Accountants’ “Citizen Centric Reporting” initiative through the Government Performance Coalition in DC. Evie Barry of AGA runs the Initiative and put together a webinar recently where representatives of Scottsdale AZ and Suffolk VA talked about their experience in developing plain-language reports describing strategic objectives, performance, costs, and next steps.

While Federal level agencies have used the AGA model (e.g., NSF, Patent Office, Architect of the Capitol, etc.) the focus of the AGA webinar was on the special considerations local governments have.

The idea behind AGA’s initiative is straightforward: give citizens numbers about the government they can understand.

My blog post, located here, includes a link to an illustrated recording of the webinar and comments on how such reports can serve as a “front door” to more detailed examples of public engagement.

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