Ajay Budhraja Keynote at E-Gov Conference

Keynote at the E-Gov Conference. Discussed technology trends. The Federal government has been moving to the Cloud and leadership will focus more on the Business services development since traditional technology IT services will be encapsulated in the Cloud. There will be greater emphasis on the delivery of multiple services as composite services and the metrics driven consumption of services. With the proliferation of smart phones, tablets, mobile devices, mobile computing will be an area that will be explored further and will be leveraged with Shared services and Cloud. Vendors are now cloud enabling their applications not just for traditional access but also for mobile access since with 4G services, there is lower latency and better data storage capacity.

It is very important to focus on Enterprise wide integrated and standardized solutions with effective govenance and change management. These solutions should seamlessly aggregare data from disparate data sources and provide flexible, open solutions and services to deliver secure digital services. Social business and collaboration will continue to develop further to enhance productivity and interaction.
There will be continued focus on shared services and greater adoption and integration in areas such as Big Data, Cloud, Mobility, Business Intelligence and Analytics. Federal IT policies should continue to support the effective management of such technologies. Initial Cloud adoption in the Government has been in the areas of Email, Collaboration, Development or Test environments, Backup and new applications. Open source will be explored further as part of technology initiatives and identity management across agencies as trusted partners will facilitate better management and secure sharing of digital identities. In addition, there has to be a continued focus on innovative Security and privacy mechanisms as part of the initiatives. These technologies should support cost saving initiatives across the government.

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