Alert: NYC Board of Health Approves Soda Ban

A little bit of breaking news here folks –

Just a few minutes ago the New York City Health Department just approved the ban on large soda.

Here is a recap of the soda ban post we had up earlier in the summer to refresh your memory on the issue (thanks again Megan!)

So what does this mean for NYC? How will this impact public health in NYC among some other repercussions? Would love to hear your thoughts.

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Peter Sperry

Government does things like this and wonders why people hate us?

In the annals of nanny state stupidity, this one wins first place. Every right wing web site on the planet will point to this as the poster child for what happens when big government gets out of control. And they will be right.

Gadi Ben-Yehuda

I’m wondering where the data is on this. If the data prove that this helps bring down obesity rates, and people are still able to drink as much soda as they like (after all, 7-11s still sell 2-liters of coke!) then shouldn’t all empirically-driven decision makers be happy?