Aloha from Hawaii

At the State of Hawaii we are currently using Zope/Plone as our CMS for most of our departmental web sites. We use Real Media to do our live streaming. Most of my sections work is concentrated on helping the Governor and Lieutenant Governor with their web sites.

What else does anyone what to learn about “Hawaii?”

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Sam Allgood

We also use Zope/Plone at the city of Newport News, VA … created an Open-eGov product for handling the whole site. Also, was stationed in Hawaii back in ’77-’81. Would love to connect later to compare notes.

John Pescador

Aloha Sam!

What version of Plone are you on? We are on 3.2.3 and 2.0.5. Migrating the 2.0.5 is a big task. is probably our best work. It is on 3.2.3.
I’m usually hanging out on Plone IRC as johnp.

Have you been to Hawaii since?