Amend Federal Act

To the Congress of the United States:

Attn: All Leaders that are interested in Business Creation that will produce Millions of

Jobs with Training and Placement of the Unemployed (All Fields)

Request the Federal Reserve Act be amended to read.

Authorization of the Federal Reserve to issue Currency directly from Treasury in the form of Federal Reserve Notes and or as Electronic Currency for the purposes of funding Individual National and Local Projects/Programs that create Businesses Producing Jobs, assisting the Federal Reserve in the Pursue of Maximum Employment. Funding shall not be construed to be Government Funds or Appropriated Moneys, but as operational cost.

Formula for funding of Individual National and Local Projects/Programs shall be based on Population of each Federal Reserve District – multiplied by the minimum yearly wage of a single person – multiplied by the number of days in a year – divided by the number of months in a year – rounded to the nearest trillion at time contract is presented and used only to put the Unemployed to work.

Note: Sample of Contractual Agreement can be sent by email upon request

Today, I am pleased to submit to the Congress the enclosed legislative

proposal, “Amendment to the Federal Reserve Act’’ so as the Federal

Reserve can meet their obligation of Maximum/Full employment without

using Tax Payer Dollars to do so.

This amendment shall be known as the:

“(USOU Department of Business and Job Creation Amendment)”

The Federal Reserve is authorized by Congress to issue Currency.

Therefore should use such authorization to directly fund the following

document for the purpose of Business Creation producing Jobs.

This can be done either in Paper Currency or Electronic Currency.

Of which the Federal Reserve uses both.

Original document have been sent to each of the 12 Federal Reserve Districts.

Now it up to Congress to make it possible for the Federal Reserve to take action

for the good of the Unemployed American Citizens and Others not counted.

Each Contractual Surety Document will be coded at top left and right and at the bottom center on Originals. Documents issued per Federal Reserve District is Graphics Coded.

The number of unemployed determines the Quantity of issued documents.

The formula for face value is contained within each document.

Document can be read to all of Congress.

Also included is a list of Projects/Programs and US Projected cost with approximate number of Jobs that would be created.

Signed: Mr. Mitchell (EIP)






260721684 SECURITY BOND 806299199





Sample – sample- sample – sample –sample- sample- sample- sample- sample

Initial holder name above under issued date has the right to acquire funding using this document as callatrial or to sell it outright to the Central Bank of the country of which it comes into operation for 1/10 of face value for 20 years or 2/10 of face value for 40 year or 3/10 of face value for sixty years or 4/10 of face value for eighty years or 5/10 of face value for one hundred years. Initial holder name above cannot sell this document for more than ½ of face value.

Not original – not original- not original- not original – not- original – not original –not original- not original –

At the end of terms chosen above the Central Bank can sell at the next twenty year mark to anyone chosen, treasury or sell back to USOU for purchase price plus point zero one percent, or donate to United States Government’s Historical Museum, or save it till the Maturity Date of January First Twenty Two Eleven. At which time UGAFH/USOU will repurchase for face value. Providing, the holder presents it for payment before midnight of Maturity Date.


Funding received from this document by the EIP can only be used to put Unemployed people to work. Provide Salary while Educating the Unemployed. Creation of New Business, Supplier start ups, Payroll, Research of Raw Materials, Refining, Manufacturing, Distribution, Wholesaling, Retailing, Recycling and Final Disposal Operations.

Elimination of high unemployment, bringing it to a workable state as to place those who have lost their work back into the workforce within two weeks of loss. Provide administrative and on hand technical training for the young and old so as to gain future business leaders and employees for placement into new and existing businesses.

This document used as callatrial comes with no interest, except if the initial EIP repurchases it between any Twenty Earth Years, according to USOU policies.

The face value of this document was determined by the Population of the Federal Reserve Districts – multiplied by the minimum yearly wage of a single person – multiplied by number of days in a year – divided by number of months in a year – rounded to nearest trillion at time issue. If such is more than one, then face value remains 1tr per. Up to said number such as (14 = 1tr per ea)

Note: List State or States affected: ALL per Federal Reserve District

Initial EIP Date/Signature:___________ Federal Reserve REP Date/Sign:____________

__________________________________ _ ______________________________

Notary:___________________________ Notary:_________________________

__________________________________ _______________________________

Signed: Mr. Mitchell (EIP) 910-920-3153 (9-5 est.)

Note: Original Documents comes in Full Graphic Color with Border, each coded per

Federal Reserve District.



All of these Projects and Programs relates to Research and Location of Raw Materials, Manufacturing, Distribution, Wholesaling, Retailing and Hundreds of other aspect of Living Standards.

Project/Program Unemployment to Business

Putting the out of work people to work

Creating Businesses Producing Jobs ahead of Growth Rate

Projects: (Castle of Unity)(Community Advance Maintenance Complex)(Community Recreational Complex)(Community Entertainment Complex)(Community Advance Educational Complex)(Community Governmental Complex)(Community Security Complex)(Community Space Exploration Complex)(Community Elderly Homes Complex)(Community Aviation Complex) (Community Historical Complex)

(Community Teleportation Complex)(Community Digitalization Complex)

(Community Energy Complex)(Community Global Communication Complex)

(Community Urban Agricultural Complex)(Community All Aspect Health Complex)

(Community Environmental and Safety Complex)(Community Recycling Complex)

(Community Financial and Currency Flow Operations Complex)

And much more

Programs: (Private/Public Coding)(Town/Cities/State Operations)(Mortgages)

(Salary Training/Education)(Research for Raw Material)(Environmental Impact)


(Fabrication)(Appliance)(Multitask)(Bilingual)(Administration)(Global Operations)


(Labor)(Science)(Exploration)(Communication)(Local, State and Federal Transportation)

The above programs/projects = would put millions to work

And much more

It is easy to Create Jobs.

It is easy to Lead our People with or without Taxation and Use our Country’s Treasury to finance the future of our Country in the direction necessary for Growth and Advancement into the future.

It is easy to Educate our People = Just by Planting Seeds of thought that would make them think about New Concepts or Ideas.

Example: Relate what you want to learn to what you already know will improve your thinking and you will learn many new subjects.

Example: While walking, running or riding = Read Signs – Then spell the words. Such as Street Signs, Road Signs, Advertisements and any others that suits you.

This is a partial list of New Businesses that would produce millions of jobs.

Antigravity Research device and propulsion system Factory (200,000 jobs plus)

Space Agriculture Complex Factory (500,000 jobs plus)

Ground to Space Aircraft Research Production Factory (400,000 jobs plus)

Telaportation Research and Production Factory (350,000 jobs plus)

Interstellar space travel Research, Training and Production (600,000 jobs plus)

Lasor Weapon, Ground, Air Research and Production (300,000 jobs plus)

Solar Radiation Shield Research and Production Facility (150,000 jobs plus)

Invisible Force Fields Research and Production Facility (150,000 jobs plus)

And the list could go on, but I will stop here.

Signed: Mr. Mitchell (EIP)

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