Amtrak launches video Q&A

Following the lead of U.S. transportation secretary Ray LaHood, Amtrak launched Ask Our Expert to answer rider questions via YouTube. For the inaugural segment, Amtrak vice president of high-speed rail Al Engel answered questions from Facebook fans, including “What’s being done in the immediate future to speed up the Acela?” and “When will this country finally move to a real intercity rail infrastructure similar to the Bullet or ICE high speed rail trains?” Content aside, Amtrak could pick up a few pointers on presentation from LaHood. In his On the Go videos, LaHood sits at a desk that is comfortably cluttered with transportation memorabilia along with a computer monitor that shows his Facebook page. For the 10-minute Ask Our Expert segment, Engel remains standing in what looks like a conference room, unadorned except for an empty chair and an American flag.

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