An In-Memory Big Data Use Case: Sabre and Terracotta


The press release below caught my eye since it highlights a use case where real time access to terabytes of data is providing mission critical support to a commercial firm. Similar use cases exist in many other enterprises including the federal government. The solution uses Terracotta’s BigMemory solution.

From the press release:

Terracotta a Finalist for the Big Data Award

Nomination from Leading European Publication Recognizes Travel Industry Leader Sabre’s Use of Terracotta’s BigMemory-the In-Memory Big Data Management Solution

San Francisco, Calif., September 27, 2012

Terracotta Inc. the leader in in-memory technologies for enterprise big data, today announced that its customer Sabre was a finalist for leading German publication Computerwoche’s Big Data Award competition. Sabre was selected as a finalist for the award for its use of Terracotta’s BigMemory to ensure unmatched performance and scale for its leading online reservation platform that serves millions of people daily.

Sabre is a globally operating technology supplier for the travel industry and must process thousands of consumer booking requests per second. Its traditional IT infrastructure could no longer support the flood of customer requests and data, and it needed a new approach to data management. It turned to BigMemory, the flagship product line of Terracotta (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Software AG), to achieve a highly available and scalable big data platform that delivers real-time access to data for millions of leisure and business travelers booking hotels, flights, rental cars and other services−worldwide−on the Internet. In just two months, Sabre implemented BigMemory Max and now manages terabytes of data and thousands of concurrent users accessing structured and semi-structured data in real-time.

“This nomination is further validation that global leaders such as Sabre are adopting a completely new approach to data management to address the new big data economy,” said Gary Nakamura, general manager of Terracotta. “By tapping into the power of the in-memory data management movement, Terracotta’s customers are making real-time access to terabytes of data a valid and better option for companies across multiple industries.”

Terracotta’s BigMemory solutions, first introduced in 2010, have helped define and set the standard for in-memory big data management. Used by global leaders in industries ranging from financial services to travel to gaming to telecommunications, they easily drop into and integrate with existing IT environments to unlock the untapped value in big data, delivering up to 1,000 times faster access to terabytes of data than any other technology. With BigMemory, organizations now have a less costly and more scalable alternative to disk-backed relational databases and specialized appliances with limited capacity.

BigMemory recently won an award in the U.S.−the 2012 DataWeek Award for Top Innovator in the “Big Data Technology” category.

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