An Introduction To Thetus Savanna: Bringing advanced analysis software to the enterprise


Thetus Corporation is a semantic knowledge modeling and analysis software company based in Portland Oregon. Their multi-source analysis platform is known as Savanna. The Savanna solution packages intuitive design, quick access to multiple information sources, and a powerful suite of analytical tools for geo-cultural and spatio-temporal analysis.

Savanna is model-enabled from the ground up, meaning you can start your analysis by articulating what you want to know and then defining the models necessary to address your questions. Savanna provides search and discovery tools that speed access to data and automate production tasks. Analysts can slice through large data sets using a combination of facets, geo-spatial keywords, concepts and proximity filters. This powerful functionality makes it easy to find what you are interested in from the sources you care about with your problem-specific terms .

Once you find the information that you need, Savanna provides a set of tools that supports the process of distilling knowledge and ultimately creating an intelligence product. These tools include link charting and concept mapping, geospatial editing and visualization, tagging and entity management, and temporal and data visualizations. As you build up understanding, the mindmap interface, or Crumbnet, as Thetus calls it, provides order and contextualization for your information and resources in a way that promotes creative thinking, communication and knowledge capture.

Savanna’s model-driven basis also allows you to focus on a problem from many different angles, as if you are looking through a camera lens. You can frame the “picture” in terms of what you’re interested in. For example, if you’re interested in what defines instability in a specific region of the world, you can define your model to focus the “lens” on that region. Then, if you become interested in how the concept of wealth affects societal structure stability, you can easily redefine your model to focus the “lens” on that dimension of your model. With Savanna, you are no longer limited by the data. You can approach your area of interest from a point that frames the problem rather than one that starts from the information out.

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