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Android App of the Week – Aldiko Sync

Aldiko Sync gives your Android “Whispernet” capabilities

For many of you Android fans, Aldiko (the free epub/pdf/ebook reader) is an app that you use daily. One of my favorite things about Aldiko is that it is easy to use. I can find epubs all over the place, send them to my Dropbox and easily open them on any Android device. This is great, if you only use one device, or only read one book per device. But if you’re like me, and have too many devices, this doesn’t work.

That’s why there is Aldiko Sync. Basically, Aldiko Sync allows you to easily save your Aldiko library information to your Dropbox account. It uploads your books, the library information and an md5 hash tag to Dropbox for comparison. The Pro upgrade (only $.99) allows you to auto-sync. The auto-sync does get a little annoying, (every time you unlock your phone it quickly syncs) but the benefits are worth it.

One of the things I was happiest about with my new Galaxy Nexus was the ability to actually use the screen for reading. This has made my old SGT sad and lonely and mostly unused. Aldiko Sync is a program that makes it easy to read across all of your devices. If you’re an avid reader, and an Android user I would definitely recommend checking out Aldiko Sync (and paying the $.99 to a solid developer).

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