Android App of the Week – Viber

Every week at CTOvision we will be reviewing a mobile application that makes our enterprise run smoother. This week I will be reviewing Viber for Android devices.

Viber’s Android App is out of beta – and ready for prime time

Viber is available for free from the Android Market here. Viber is a VoIP application that only requires you to register your phone number – then call anyone else who is a Viber member. You can text or call any user over Wi-Fi or 3G (and even 4G LTE). Viber enables real VoIP calling when it’s been rumored (and promised) by many other services.

I have recently switched to Google Voice for all of my calls which has led me to be using a lot more anytime minutes than before. So a viable option is definitely desirable. Since Viber is useful over Wi-Fi or wireless networks, it can offer better coverage at your house (and free dialing anywhere else you can find Wi-Fi).

I found Viber to be a suitable replacement regular calling – though the quality isn’t perfect. VoIP solutions will be replacing traditional cellular calling methods (and will be native in true 4G devices).

Viber is available for iOS and Android – and a Blackberry version is on its way. Apps like Viber can save you money every month (imagine getting rid of all your voice minutes?) and allow you to communicate across international lines without paying a dime. Apps like Viber allow users to take full advantage of their mobile devices (and mobile plans).

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