Announcing the YouTube Channel

Dear Readers,

With this post I would like to alert you to a new resource that we hope will become part of your self training and education activities, a YouTube Channel for

Our channel is a place where we can pull together videos we upload or videos we have found uploaded from others that we either add to collections or “favorite” to bring to your attention.

You can view these videos like any other YouTube content, and can also make use of the easy to use YouTube features to comments on or further share the content.

Here is some of what we are doing to help highlight interesting content via YouTube:

– We search YouTube for the best videos dealing with topics of interest to us and our readers. We then add those videos to lists that are easy for you to review either at YouTube or on our web properties. For example, Videos are displayed at the Video Page if they have been tagged and put into our list. A similar page of videos focused on cyber security issues is at Video

– We also upload our own content, which includes reviews of technologies we believe will be of interest. We publish those via the Brightcove platform. Brightcove lets us manage the video content in a very easy way, and automatically populates our YouTube channel.

– Brightcove also lets us embed video players on websites. We have placed on the main page of, for example.

Please check out our site at YouTube. If you are a YouTube user we would appreciate you subscribing to our channel there. Find us at:


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