Another Chapter in the Ongoing Debate Started by Joshua Millsapps’ Question “Is remote work, too remote?”

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In January Joshua Millsapps asked “Is remote work, too remote?” In March, Marissa Mayer Yahoo’s CEO caused a firestorm when she outlawed telework at the company. Debate rages across social media and other venues about the role of telework in today’s economy. This is especially true for governments. The benefits of large scale telework programs can be immense: dramatic saving of costs, powerful positive impacts on the environment, fewer cars clogging our rush hour roads, increased quality of life for employee and other factors.

Implementing a program has its challenges. Managers need new tools. Cultures need to adjust. Equity among those who must come to the office and those whose jobs can be fulfilled without incurring the negative impacts of millions of unneeded cars on our roads consuming valuable natural resources and spewing tons of carbon into our atmosphere each day must be balanced.

In an ongoing series of conversations blogger and APN Podcast Network host Guy Clinch has consulted with a series of industry experts on the benefits, the challenges and the tools that are available to establish a successful telework program for government. In this most recent edition, Guy speaks with Rebecca Kay Phelps, Contact Center Segment Manager at Jabra.

Kay has over a decade of experience working with organizations that have successfully deployed remote contact center agents. Kay talks about what it takes to build a successful program, what managers need to think about when they dispatch workers to home offices, powerful practices that can help prepare employees for a successful transition and the tools and methodologies that managers can use to make sure the program succeeds.

Listeners of this informative series will come away with a set of actionable tools, insights and advice from leaders in the movement to use technology to gain the benefits of telework for organizations and our society.

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My apologies to anyone who tried to listen to my podcast. the links to the hosting service somehow became broken. I have repaired the problem and the podcast is now again available. I hope you find it useful and will join the continuing conversation started by Joshua Millsapps’ Question “Is remote work, too remote?”