Any folks using private social networking tools in their organization?

Has anyone used Elgg – Open Soruce Social Networking app in their organization or any tool like this?

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Denise Traicoff

Not Elgg–we have tried to use Facebook by setting up a group which is only open to graduates of an international management training program here at CDC’s Coordinating Office for Global Health. Not much luck so far–people still communicate mostly by sending out blanket emails. We are in the midst of developing continuing education for public health management using distance learning, which will include a social networking component. We are piloting it using MS SharePoint–it remains to be seen if this is a good longterm solution.

Jay Nath

Hi Denise, I think a better question as you’ve noted is not which tool are we using but do we have any success stories. Getting people to adopt these tools is the tough problem.


BTW, Jay, I’m somewhat involved w/ Elgg (advisor, consultant), so feel free to ping me if you have specific questions. Happy also to pass along to chat w/ the team if you have specific requests, etc.

For intranet social tool adoption, Gentry Underwood at Ideo has given a number of presentations that are pretty interesting. I haven’t seen his decks online, but couldn’t hurt to drop him a line. I can also chat about some of the things we did internally @ Yahoo! that worked pretty well…

Jay Nath

lhl: we’re putting together an open source bundle and we haven’t looked to closely at Elgg in a while but this could be very interesting. and thanks for the offer to hook us up. i’ll let you know…