Appropriate Technology

Last week I was telling a story about how many years ago, before internet, I got my first fax machine. I told my clients the number.
One sent a question using the fax. I was doing something else.
About ten minutes later I got a phone call. He had sent the question, where was the answer?
The point of the story had been how new technology changed people’s expectations.
Until last week. When I was told I should have said, “It’s not an answering machine, it’s a fax machine!”
Missed opportunity.
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Jack Gates

New technology takes a bit of time to adopt and use correctly.

Remember when voice mail was introduced and the typical message was “Call Me” instead of sharing information or outlining what issue needed to be discussed.

Oops, that still goes on today…sometime adoption of technology does not evolve to best use of that technology.

Great post!