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Apr 7 Keynote Address at Mobile Apps & Interactive Games Conf

Greenest City
by 2020 Project: Bridging Digital and Traditional Participation in Vancouver,

Haas Lyons / Public Engagement Specialist, Engaging.ly and Researcher,
University of British Columbia and Amanda Mitchell, Greenest City Planning
Analyst at the City of Vancouver
Join us for an
exciting and indepth exploration of how the City of Vancouver, British
Columbia, is employing games, apps and other technologies as well traditional
engagement approaches as part of changing how people respond to climate change
and overall sustainability. Susanna Haas
Lyons and Amanda Mitchell will highlight their inspiring and insightful work
with the City of Vancouver
to engage citizens in their efforts to become the greenest city in the world by
Susanna Haas Lyons brings together citizens and decision-makers to create
better policy on issues that matter most to the public. She has worked across
North America, engaging dozens to thousands
of participants in complex and productive conversations. Susanna offers
workshops, speaks and researches about the use of digital media as a tool for
public participation. She is a Senior Network Associate with AmericaSpeaks
and served for three years as their Communications Manager and Program
Associate. Currently, Susanna is advising the Alberta Climate Dialogue, a
community-university research project to involve Albertans in developing
climate solutions, and is taking a Masters Degree at the University of British
Columbia’s Institute for Resources, Environment
and Sustainability.
works with
communities to embed sustainability principles into their long-term planning
decisions. Specializing in the creation of meaningful and transparent public
consultation processes, she has worked on the innovative Smart Growth on the
Ground program at both Smart Growth BC and the Design Centre for
Sustainability. Currently Amanda works at the City of Vancouver
where she manages the online consultation and social media accounts for the Greenest City planning initiative. She’s a founding Director of the Vancouver
Public Space Network, co-founder of re:place magazine
— an online publication devoted to public space and urbanism in Vancouver. Amanda is a LEED Accredited Professional with
a Bachelor of Environmental Science from the University
of Guelph and a Master of Advanced
Studies in Architecture from the University
of British Columbia.

Learn more about the conference and join us for a great program on Thursday, April 7! Visit www.publicdecisions.com/games for details.

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