Are government agencies prepared for hacktivisim?

The so-called hacktivist attacks on sites related to Bay Area Rapid Transit (CA) last month are becoming increasingly common forms of social protest, and experts warn that many government agencies do not have the resources to combat such cyberthreats. “Not just government, but many smaller organizations are outmatched when it comes to a determined hacker,” Matt Pauker of Voltage Security told the San Francisco Chronicle. “In the current situation we’re in, with government spending being cut back across the board, these kind of attacks are something unfortunately that I think we’ll see more of, not less.” Hackers breached and the BART police union websites and leaked personal information about BART’s customers and police officers. The official BART site was not hacked, but both attacks raise questions for public agencies. Can government websites withstand these growing threats to cybersecurity? Link to full story in San Francisco Chronicle.

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