Are You Enrolled in Audio University?

Quote: “Everything changes the moment you do.” – Anonymous

When you make the decision to learn more, you have made the decision to earn more. But when we first undertake a project, we are gung ho about the idea and then our motivation begins to wane. That’s why it’s terribly important to get some help staying motivated.

One way I stay motivated is by listening to great audio programs. My absolute favorite is late Zig Ziglar. With his southern twang, he has a way of putting things that are humorous yet really reaches your heart.

Truly successful people listen to audio programs daily and you can too. The average person commutes 30 minutes each way to and from work. Why not use that time to enroll in audio university. Instead of simply listening to music or news, pop in a CD and keep yourself motivated to reach your career goals, learn a new language, or improve your presentation skills. The list is endless, possibilities abound.

When you decide to learn more, commit to it 100 percent. Make it non-negotiable. Don’t miss one day. Think of it this way, does your heart every fail to beat 100 percent of the time? If it did, you wouldn’t be reading this. Remember the more you learn, the faster you will move up in your career.

Action Item: Purchase or borrow from your local library 1 motivational CD and listen to it on your way to work

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