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I’ve hesitated to post this here the last few days because it smacks too much of self-promotion. (If you agree, let me know, so I’ll have a firmer idea of where the line is here at GovLoop) I decided to post it anyway, because I hope it might be helpful to some of y’all.

I added a section to my site called Ask The Design State, where I’ll do my best to answer questions specific or tangential to eGovernment, design, eGovernment design, web design, eGovernment web design, HTML, CSS, social media, Gov 2.0, or best practices, procedures, implementations and possibilities for the future of Government designed information systems.

I don’t claim to be an expert in all or any of these areas, but I hope this will be a way to start conversations that will impel me (and others) to learn more about the ways in which tech and governments mesh.

I plan on answering any questions I receive in ~1-minute videos, just to mix things up a bit. Thanks for reading.

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Very cool. Maybe we can actually solicit questions here as well and post the videos. The line I walk is as long it is adding value to GovLoop members it is good. There is a big difference between writing “I do X service. Come buy it of me” and writing a blog/video that actually has content on a subject. Feel free to send me a direct message and we can coordinate.

Adam Harvey

Thanks! I’m in Canada fishing for a week, but I’ll try to get a longer message off to you sometime soon.