At it’s best, the Internet is like Love – It will find a way

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I have always been impressed at the internet’s ability to connect people and ideas around the world despite the distance. I’ve been further impressed by Twitter’s role in aiding peaceful protest. And today, I’ve been awestruck at the ingenuity of Google and Twitter in enabling people to communicate throughout the world despite President Mubarak’s shut-down of the internet in Egypt.

At it’s best, the Internet is like Love and will always find a way. Yes, yes, this is the part where some of you will tell me that the Internet is for porn. But it’s not just some sappy title that I slapped up there to get your attention – social media is becoming an unstoppable force of nature. The Tweets Must Flow!

Remember all that talk about the US getting an “internet kill switch?” Forget it – in it’s current form the bill isn’t going anywhere. There is way too much d0-gooder-ness surrounding the internet’s ability to break through Iron Curtains to have a kill switch in the United States. A circuit breaker between the net and physical objects? Maybe. Anything that can be communicated? Never.

This new development creates a huge problem for tyrants and state censorship everywhere. What are they going to do? Shut down the landlines? Jam all the radios? No matter what the tyrants do – it appears that the creative forces in the world wide web will find away around it.

While I understand why the White House is giving a restrained response at present (I’m sure their being quite loud on the back channels), I’m proud that two American Companies have struck back against the forces of tyranny and given another way to communicate with the protestors rallying for Freedom.

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