Audio, resources and next steps for our Confab on red-blue dialogue

We had another great NCDD “Confab Call” last week and as always, if you couldn’t join us we welcome you to listen to the audio recording. Our latest Confab featured NCDD members Jacob Hess and Phil Neisser, co-authers of “You’re Not as Crazy as I Thought, But You’re Still Wrong,” leading a discussion on red-blue dialogue.

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We had over 100 participants, 75 of which dropped in on the call’s collaborative doc, which this time was hosted on and focused on several thoughtful questions and next steps. One next step we’ll be following up on from this call is to create and host a listserv for those in our field working on red/blue or transpartisan dialogue. We think this will help folks working in this arena stay informed about each other’s efforts and collaborate when possible. Add a comment below if you’d like to be added to this new listserv!

Use the links below to listen to the audio recording of the call and check out other call-related material posted on the NCDD blog.

1. Listen to the Confab Call.
The full conversation with questions and comments.

2. Check out the Confab Call’s Collaborative Hackpad Doc.
Participants were encouraged to introduce themselves, ask questions and respond to discussion points.

3. Check out the Confab Call’s “Recent History” Infographic.
The infographic looks at Red/Blue Dialogue initiatives within the NCDD community over the past 10 years.

4. Read Jacob Hess’ “Questions about your work in red-blue dialogue”.
Take a moment and go through the 40+ fascinating comments generated by Jacob’s inquiry.

5. Thoughts from CSD’s Brandon Lee on yesterday’s call on red-blue dialogue.
“So much of cross-ideology participation has to do with how conversations and issues are framed.”

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