Auditable Quality Standards for Highly Effective Government

The American Society for Quality Government Division has authorized a new international standard for efficiency and effectiveness in government, around the framework of auditable quality standards.  There are three.  One is for Process Maturity, one is for Systems Maturity, and the third is for Leadership Standards and is called Aligned Systems Objectives.  These standards provide a simple framework and guidelines for implementing visible and uniform auditable standards of quality in government.  Government Division believes they provide essential tools for the SUSTAINABILITY of quality in government, and that they are the only framework that can change quality implementation from a “push” system to a “pull” system.  We would like to share them more broadly in the federal community, and I would invite contact from anyone with further interest.

The promise of Auditable Quality Standards for Government (8 minute video)

Professional Practices for Lean Quality Improvement in Government (document)

Summary of Quality Standards for Government (document)

Richard Mallory, Past Chair ASQ Government Divison – [email protected]

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