Aunt Bertha: Why We’re Coding for America

Sometimes bad things happen to good people. Ever had someone in your family find out they had cancer? A car accident? Or is unemployed for a long time? Have you ever helped this person fill out a Medicaid form (Government Health Insurance) or apply for Social Security Disability payments? Have you ever driven across town to go to a government office only to find out you didn’t have the right paperwork?

Why am I coding for America? So this doesn’t happen to you.

At Aunt Bertha (she picks up where Uncle Sam leaves off), we believe that people should be able to find and apply for government and charitable programs in seconds. No paper. No phone calls. No waiting in line.

Our software makes it easy for agencies to accept and process applications for social services. Our customers are housing programs, charter schools, churches, and government programs.

We are organizing the country’s government and charitable program information so people can find help in seconds. Yes, seconds. Go to, type in your zip code (currently live in Texas but rapidly rolling out to the rest of country) and in a couple seconds you’ll find all the government and charitable programs that serve your zip code. Easy. And it’s free.

We are coding for America because we believe – with everything inside of us – that we can measure demand for social services by location in real-time. Imagine knowing – by location – how many people are looking for food – right now. We know we can do this and Code for America is helping us realize this vision.
Questions? Comments? Hit us up @codeforamerica.

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