Awesome video on Intelink’s Microblogging Service, Chirp

Chirp is a microblogging service on Intelink, very similar to Twitter. Behind the firewall, its a secure place for the Intelligence Community and the Dept of Defense to communicate, collaborate, and find new ways to do their jobs better with today’s social media tools.

The video, “Chirp: Plain & Simple” was created to help explain Chirp and its importance, or “business case,” and is a great example of how microblogging can be used to do work, within the context of Government agencies.

I *really* wish I could post the video here, or even links to it — but “they” (meaning security people) do not like the posting of links or the unapproved release of these products. I even have the script outlined with time codes for closed-captioning on youtube, *if* we ever get approval to put it on there. I’m told it could take up to a month, which again is a shame.

So… if you can get on Intelink, search for “Chrip” on iVideo, check out the product’s homepage on Intellipedia and start Chirping today!

PS you can also get to the discussion through the Social Media group on milBook, the Army’s Social Networking Site, part of the milSuite family of capabilities too!

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