Basic Study Tips

Studying for the exam is a highly individual journey; however, here are a few basic study tips that you may want to consider:

Go to today and register for the exam. Having signed up and paid your fee is the best incentive possible.

Read the PMI’s Credentials Handbook to learn everything there is to know about the exam procedures.

Create a study plan. Define when and for how long you will study. This estimation will tell you how long it will take until you should take the exam. Plan the work and work the plan. Don’t forget to tell your friends and family, so that they can support you and give you the time and space that you will need.

Challenge yourself to read the PMBOK Guide at least twice. Have the guide with you at all times. Better even, subscribe to The Project Management PrepCast™ and study with your MP3 player.

Consider purchasing exam study books and work through them. If you cannot afford to buy these books, see if your local library has a copy.

Take as many sample test questions as possible. Try to take at least three complete 4-hour exams before you actually take the real test. Practice makes perfect.

Sign up for the various Yahoo PMP prep groups at . Look for pmhub, pmpbest, pmpexamforum and pmpsingapore. You don’t have to actively participate — just reading the email traffic will help.

Contact your local PMI chapter ( and ask, if they have a PMP workshop available.

By following these basic study strategies, you will increase your chances of success.

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