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For the past several weeks I have been working on a few things to freshen up the Pulse + Signal blog and make things easier as well as effective for you all. I realize this is my base of operations and want to make sure that my readers/audience/fellow changemakers get what they need. So with that in mind, here are some things that have been moving on the blog that you may not have noticed:

Pulse + Signal Newsletter

Probably one of the biggest (new) additions has been the Pulse + Signal newsletter that was launched last week. 2011 is officially build mode for me as I work to create things of value – the newsletter is inherently one of those things, however there are some other activities that you will probably want to be in the know about as I move forward. A movement is brewing…

Pulse + Signal Job Board

It’s been a little over a month since we unveiled the job board and I’m pleased to report that it has been coming along nicely (in my opinion, at least). We have had postings from fantastic organizations including the Acumen Fund, Playnormous and the McKesson Foundation. The board is only as good as you all make it so please make sure and spread the word – we are also really interested in making sure schools of public health at universities/colleges know about the board. You can also see latest postings on the sidebar.

Social Media Icons

Finally getting these added! There have been some new additions to ways in which to stay connected with myself, Pulse + Signal and Public Health 2.0 activities & news. One of which being the Facebook Page created for discussions and links. In order to consolidate them into one easy location, I’ve added a set of social media icons that are now visible on the sidebar of the blog. Now, with just one click you can access: the Facebook page, my Twitter account, my profile on Linkedin, my Delicious bookmarks, Pulse + Signal TV (videos, soon to be updated), RSS feed, my presentations on Slideshare and finally email subscription for blog post updates.

Updated Blog Link List

Interested in the blogs I like to read and stay connected with? Well, I’ve gone through and updated/reworked the Link List area to reflect just that. Now the list has a tighter focus and no dead links (phew!). Know of a blog that should be added here that focuses on Public/Health 2.0 issues and ideas? Just let me know.

Hopefully these changes will make things easier for you to stay connected and up to date as things move forward. Please know that I truly appreciate all the support, encouragement, emails and comments that I’ve received over the years and looking forward to many more interactions.


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