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John Dodge (@thedodgeretort) and Bob Gourley (@bobgourley) review the Enterprise CIO Forum’s (@ECIOForum) top 10 Cloud Security Tweets of the week in the following podcast. Tweets selected by John included:

  1. zdnet: Will cloud security ever be sufficient?
  2. cloudsa: (ISC)² and The Cloud Security Alliance Expand Cloud Security Offerings to their Memberships…
  3. chrispirillo: How secure is the cloud? Which services do you think are the most secure? #cloud
  4. joebaguley: Cloud security? Everyone should see this before they have a discussion about it –
  5. cloudsa: Cloud Providers? Enter your company into the Cloud Security Alliance STAR Registry –
  6. techvcnews: 5 cloud security companies to watch
  7. thecloudnetwork: US Lawmakers Question Cloud Security: A rush by President Barack Obama’s administration to mov…
  8. @kriggins: “The Cloud Security Rules” book several of us contributed to now available on Amazon: Kindle coming soon
  9. teksquisite: Public cloud security remains MISSION IMPOSSIBLE
  10. thecloudnetwork: 8 Ways to Become a Cloud Security Expert: Check out these tips for staying up-to-date and info… #cloud#news #TCN
These are all interesting tweets and the podcast brings out several great points to ponder. Check it out at: Security Podcast

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