Blogging Tips: My Methods for Blogging (In Plain English)

I often get asked what is it that motivates me to write and how do I get inspired. Well to tell you the truth, I don’t have a specific method when I’m writing a blog… well at least not one that I would say I stick to. There are different types of blog posts and there are different reasons for every post. So the method varies and might change from one to another. But here might be a few methods that I do use. Feel free to pick and mix!

Methods for blogging…

  1. The “I need to get if off my chest” method – I had written in an earlier post on“Why you should start blogging!”, which was done on a total whim because I was having an inspirational moment and wanted to share my experience. No specific target audience intended or even a specific goal or reason for it. Just simply had to get it off my chest.
  2. The “I need to clear my head” method – Sometimes certain things just bug me and feel I need clarification. So I write a blog post as a way of learning while I’m writing then hopefully get some feedback from other people through tweets or comments.
  3. The “I want to get ideas or inspired” method – Most times I’m just rubbish when it comes around to getting a brilliant idea or inspired, so I turn to my readers for sources of inspiration and sort of ‘pick their brain’ a little. 😉
  4. The “I want to test the waters” method – Sometimes I get one of those rare moments and I am inspired and I do have a brilliant idea but just don’t know how to make it practical or change that vision into reality. So I test the waters to see people’s thoughts and reactions to it, so then I’m able to tweek it and improve it as I go along.
  5. The “I went to a conference/event and I want to tell people what I learnt or what I thought about it” method – Now this has possibly got to be the most often used method lately. Its an exhilarating experience attending different events and conferences around the country and definitely worth blogging about. If not for the content, at least for the people I meet. I mean, it is all about networking right? (And meeting twitterati’s face-to-face!) 😉
  6. The “I have a list to share” method – LOL, this has got to be the reason why people come to this blog, right? So, this is basically just collecting pieces of information that I feel people might find useful and putting it in a more digestible format for people to read and make use of.
  7. The “I have an audio/video interview transcript to share” method – It certainly is exciting being a social reporter, because I get to meet so many interesting people at all the events/conferences I attend. So it would be silly if I didn’t take the chance to do an interview with them, right? So sharing other people’s wisdom and knowledge is another method I use for blogging. Come on, it doesn’t all have to be about what the author thinks, right. That could get boring! So I try to mix it up a little and hopefully my readers won’t be bored with just my thoughts and ideas.
  8. The “I like that and I must talk about it” method – Sometimes I find myself liking something so much, like a YouTube video or something. I feel like writing and talking about it all the time. Its like if you have a crush on someone and you want to talk about them all the time! LOL But my passion is for all things GOOD. So if I see something that’s really GOOD, that could also be useful for my readers, I just have to blog about it coz I love sharing!

Ok so, these are the only methods I can think of right now, but hopefully if you are ever stuck on writing a blog post… I surely hope this can help you to get the engine started. Its certainly has helped me!

Hope this was useful!

Liz xxx

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