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Blue Alert program gaining momentum

Deltek Analyst Joanna Salini reports.

Ohio may be the next state to employ a Blue Alert warning system. The state recently issued legislation SB258 to create a Blue Alert program and is awaiting passage by the Senate. The bill has already received support from Ohio’s Attorney General Mike DeWine.

Blue Alerts function similar to Amber Alerts, which use broadcast alert systems to notify the public of missing or exploited children. Blue Alerts use the same concept by disseminating information to the public about suspects who have seriously injured or killed law enforcement officers. The alerts activate digital roadside signs, use media broadcasts and deliver notifications to other law enforcement officials or agencies.

Blue Alerts are a cooperative effort between state departments of public safety and transportation, the Governors’ Division of Emergency Management, broadcasters, law enforcement agencies, and the general public. The alert includes information regarding the description of the offender, offender’s vehicle, and their license plate. It is aimed at increasing arrests and reducing offenders fleeing the scene of the crime unnoticed.

Thirteen states employ Blue Alert systems: Alabama, California, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Utah and Virginia. Along with Ohio, several more states have been making progress in establishing legislation, such as New York, where state representatives introduced a bill to the House earlier this year.

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