Boomerang Management

Boomerang Kids are adult children who move back into the family home, usually a sign of a weak economy. I loved Terry Bradshaw parading around nekkid in the Fish Room in Failure to Launch.
So here’s a new term, Boomerang Management, for when a former management team comes back and takes over because the current team isn’t getting the results desired. The beatings will continue until morale improves.
Often these “boomers” still have significant equity tied up in their former venture.
Frequency? I’m seeing better than one a month.
Outcome? Generally worse than existing. Times have changed, most groups have undergone a radical transformation, most of all the environment these organizations operate in has changed forever.
I was working with a group that got thrown back earlier this year. The former CEO came back from a long retirement with a secret sauce – outbound cold call phone solicitation to businesses! Enough of this social web nonsense! This was the core of the organization!
It took five weeks to hire four and fire six. They hadn’t counted on voicemail.
It’s an executive-centric business view, that the economy rotates around a prime mover with sufficient strength, knowledge and skills. There’s some kind of echo from when the Pope arrested Galileo for saying the Earth orbits around the Sun.
No matter how hard the Pope protested, solar-centric was the only way the math worked.
Your Boomerang Management sightings?

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