This weekend we went to a function at a resort. In our room was a next-generation, multi-blade razor.

The package was a nifty travel case, there were several coupons for more
blades and special smell’um. This was the marketing that made Gillette King!
I was enjoying the care some marketer had taken to get me to switch
products, and looking forward to trying the new technology.

The next day I tried to use the razor. It had all the finesse of a towed array.
I pushed it, I pulled it, I bent it, no matter what I did, it couldn’t
get a clean shave. Forget the burns and the nose, a man could lose a

Later I started wondering, how did such a poorly designed product get
such high quality marketing? At some point, didn’t the marketing guy go
to the team and say, “I can’t shave with this thing. What can we do?”

What would a responsible team lead do when he finds out the product isn’t competitive?

Is there such a thing as a team lead who doesn’t have experience with the product?

What is your responsibility to the investors when you find yourself in a boondoggle?

What do you when your project isn’t right?

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