Brampton BRT zooms along

Thanks to its Züm bus rapid transit line, Brampton Transit’s (ON) ridership reached an all-time high last year. The BRT route runs mostly in mixed traffic, but signal priority helps keep the vehicles on time. And, if buses are running late, customers can access real-time information at all terminals and station stops, as well as online, by phone, or on mobile devices. “If for some reason we’re a little bit off schedule because of traffic, the person waiting at the station knows the time of the next three buses arriving there,” said director Sue Connor. “From my personal experience when I use the service, you automatically get a sense of comfort when you can look over your shoulder and see what time the next bus is going to be there.” The buses have hybrid diesel-electric engines and are equipped with LED headlights and interior lighting and a high-efficiency climate control system. Link to full story in Toronto Star.

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