Building Capability – VPS Gov 2.0 Action Plan

Building Capability is one of the four action areas of the Victorian
Public Sector (VPS) Gov 2.0 Action Plan.

Our strategy includes a suite of initiatives to cater for everyone from the early adopters to the early majority to the novices. We know that building the social media skills of our public sector workforce will drive better Gov 2.0 performance.

Implementing a Gov 2.0 strategy is more than just opening a Twitter or Facebook account. Like any strategy, it needs to align with objectives of departments and agencies and what outcomes they want to achieve. It involves understanding our audience and having a planned approach to implementation. Once we connect with our audience, we need to evaluate whether we are achieving our objectives.

Kathy Phelan, founder of Small World Social Media, will be leading a hands on workshop for VPS employees. It will cover all aspects of building a social media strategy – from concept development to evaluation, and also what to do when things go wrong. Kathy is a former member of the VPS who has over ten years experience in digital media and online community building.

The workshop assumes little knowledge of social media and will use practical case studies. A comprehensive list of resources will be also be provided.

More information about the progress of initiatives being implemented under the VPS Gov 2.0 Action Plan is available at http://go.vic.gov.au/pbw6ni.

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