Call for judges for the 2014 Blue Pencil & Gold Screen Awards

The competitions chairperson for the National Association of Government Communicators’ Annual Blue Pencil & Gold Screen Awards, seeks your help in judging entries from throughout the United States submitted by communicators in local, state, federal and military organizations.

Each year we receive more than 300 entries in 41 award categories. That kind of participation creates a high demand for judges who can evaluate the submissions and ultimately determine which products meet the high standards of the Blue Pencil and Gold Screen Awards.

As a judge, you can select the category (or categories!) you wish to judge. Got a colleague who wants to judge? Sign them up because judging is a team effort!

Don’t let the number of categories or submissions intimidate you or give you the perception that there’s a really big time commitment. Depending on the category entries, judging generally takes one to three hours of each judges’ time. Our judges are afforded plenty of time from when they receive entries to the deadline for responses. Judging this year is likely to be done in March or April.

Serving as a judge is a great way to reinforce your reputation for expertise in a specific area of communications and bolster your resume.

Please take a moment to learn more at We may be past our Dec. 31, 2013, deadline, but we still need your help in judging this year’s entries.

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