Call for Papers: MPM 2011: Workshop on Modelling Policy-making

A call for papers — with submission deadline of 24 October 2011 — has been issued for MPM 2011: Workshop on Modelling Policy-making, to be held 12 or 13 December 2011, in Vienna, Austria, in conjunction with JURIX 2011.

For MPM 2011, the program committee co-chairs are Dr. Adam Wyner of the University of Liverpool Department of Computer Science, and Dr. Neil Benn of the University of Leeds Institute of Communications Studies. Dr. Wyner and Dr. Benn are both members of the team for Project IMPACT: Integrated Method for Policy Making Using Argument Modelling and Computer Assisted Text Analysis.

For MPM 2011, papers are invited on the following topics:

  • information extraction from natural language text
  • policy ontologies
  • formal logical representations of policies
  • transformations from policy language to executable policy rules
  • argumentation about policy proposals
  • web-based tools that support participatory policy-making
  • tools for increasing public understanding of arguments behind policy decisions
  • visualising policies and arguments about policies
  • computational models of policies and arguments about policies
  • integration tools
  • multi-agent policy simulations

For more information, please see the call for papers.

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