Call for speakers to join the speaker platform for A.L.I’s 10th updated Strategic Internal Communication in Government Conference in Washington, DC scheduled for March 5-8, 2012.

As we do every year we are seeking the most innovative speakers, the most ground breaking topics, and case-studies to make you say “Wow” to make this another successful event!

Topics ranging, but not limited to:

Engaging employees at all levels by connecting them to your organization’s goals and strategic plan for the future

Reinventing the role of the communication function from tactical implementers to strategic change managers

Setting measurable communication objectives that connect internal and external communication activities with bottom-line results

Linking communication objectives and goals to your strategy

Fostering mission-focused employee behavior and culture to support agency goals

Determining the right metrics for key strategies and deliverable

Involving the right partners (Communications, HR, Marketing, Operations, ect.) across your organization to engage employees and drive results

Transforming your day-to-day operations make them results oriented

Closing the gap between the ability to develop and communicate strategies and the ability to execute strategies

Focusing your message to cut through the clutter and deliver your key message effectively

If interested please submit your abstract (2 paragraphs outlining your case study be sure to include topics you will discuss and 3 to 4 bullet points listing key takeaways) to me at:
[email protected]

The deadline to submit an abstract is Friday October 21.

More information regarding Strategic Internal Communications in Government conferences, take a look at the upcoming Nov. conference

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