Can a Government-wide Mentorship Program Really Work?

Last fall, GovLoop kicked off a first-of-its-kind type of government mentors program, where participants from different locations, agencies, and levels of government could come together and share experiences and expertise.

An article about this program was just published in the summer edition of The Public Manager, and we encourage you to check it out! Since this was written we have already had another cohort participate, whose program results will be in another blog post later this month.

If this article inspires you to become a mentor or mentee, we will be having another program this fall that we would love for you to be a part of!

Can a Government-wide Mentorship Program Really Work?

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Jon P. Bird

I think discussion of a government-wide mentoring program may not work, but it still should give support or critical mass for individual agencies to roll out their own programs. Each agency has different hiring scenarios, so a one size fits all approach won’t work.