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A GovLoop Mentee Reflects on Mentorship

Marissa Marquez, Assistant City Attorney at City of Houston’s Office of Inspector General, was a participant in this year’s GovLoop Mentorship Program cohort. As we finished up the 2015 program, Marquez recounted how her mentor, John Sim, an Assistant Director in the Justice Management Division at the U.S. Department of Justice, helped her rethink herRead… Read more »

Creating Action-Items for Success

GovLoop is halfway through its current mentorship program, which means mentors and mentees are starting to dig into really tough questions about career options, hurdles, and success factors. Most of our mentor-mentee partnerships have already discussed career paths, including what tactical steps they need to take along that path. Now mentees are starting to ask,Read… Read more »

Announcing GovLoop’s 2014 Mentor Program Matches

I am pleased to announce the final mentor pairings in GovLoop’s 2014 Mentor Program. What began with 500 applications for this year’s cohort was narrowed to 70 Finalists through a competitive selections process. The pairings shown below represent just over 40 pairings that are the result of proactive mentees reaching out and establishing a matchRead… Read more »

Congratulations, GovLoop Mentors Spring 2013 Program Participants

Last night, we hosted the fourth GovLoop Mentors Program Kick-Off Event, welcoming and congratulating more than 50 new mentor pairings at the District Architecture Center in Washington, DC. I wanted to be sure and post the names of both mentees and mentors to honor their commitment to the advancement of their careers and the bettermentRead… Read more »

GovLoop Fall 2012 Mentors Program: Another Success!

GovLoop just concluded its third iteration of its government-wide mentors program. The Fall 2012 cohort had just over 30 pairings and our post-program evaluations have revealed that it was another successful program. Take a quick click through this slide deck to see the stats and stories which show the solid impact the program has hadRead… Read more »

Giving credit where credit is due

There have been a lot of really influential people thus far in my career, but one of the most influential has to be Etienne. Etienne’s now dormant blog on management in the public sector was an incredible source of inspiration and learning when I first broke into this business and his paper “An Inconvenient Renewal”Read… Read more »

Thinking Strategically About Your Leadership Potential: The Informational Interview (Part III)

For Millennials, there seems to be a constant reminder that the “retirement wave” about to sweep away a significant portion of the Federal workforce will be a tremendous opportunity to enter public service. While it’s always great to recruit new talent, there is also an abundance of talented professionals within government already. Every so often,Read… Read more »

Thinking Strategically About Your Organization: The Informational Interview (Part II)

Last week I posted the first in a series of articles about the many purposes for conducting an informational interview. Most commonly, they are used as a tool to build a network in new organizations and career fields. For those of us entering new jobs and career paths, why not use informational interviews to buildRead… Read more »