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I have been working as a project engineer in the energy industry for a number of years and am looking to transition into energy policy. I have recently returned to school to aid in this transition, but am not sure other than DOE EERE where else to look for job opportunities. Also, how do I go about networking into this field as I am so new to it? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Candace Riddle


Energy opportunities abound right now. American University posts jobs quite often in this area. If you have a friend that graduated (in particular the Grad program) you can sometimes get forwards on job posts.
Check posts at the EPA, FDA, Walton Foundation, and the National Humane Society…(yes I said Humane Society).
Specify the type of energy policy you are looking to get into as well. It is an exploding area right now in all areas (nuclear, solar, wind, etc.).
I also recommend using a site like this or linkedin to locate HR personel within the specific company or agency you are applying to.
Finally, if you are currently in school, use your professors and even classmates (in graduate level) as resources. Search alumni directories and reach out to individuals in your desired field. Graduates about 5-7 years out are most likely settled and willing to help.
The season for summer fellowship and internship applications is upon us as well.
Best of luck to you!

Candace Riddle