EPP-Kansas City-Group Sprint Center

We are well on our way with our EPP Training sessions. After hearing speakers from the Kansas City Convention Center and Mayor Mark Funkhouser we have now separated into our new teams. Team Sprint center is comprised of Debra Fisher, David Hohler, Kelly Lorick, Esteban Morales, Jon Nash, Jerry Pham, Jacqueline Rosier, and Jada Poindexter.

Our team roles are as follows:

Jon Nash, Team Leader
David Hohler, Recorder
Esteban Morales, Blogger,
JaDa Poindexter, Tweets
Kelly Lorick, Site Speaker
Debra Fisher, Assistant Recorder
Jacqueline Rosier, Assistant Blogger
Jerry Pham, Photographer

After a brief lunch from 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm, we are currently working on our Team Agreements

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Esteban Morales

We are currently working on our Team Agreements. A few items that we have discussed are Open Communication, Flexibility, Meeting Management, Decision Making, Conflict Resolution, Developing Outline and Strategy/Vision for our Site Visit and Presentation. We plan to complete our site report before the Kansas City training ends. We will commit to complete required assignments. Recognize the organization. We are complete with our team agreement.