Career Framework Question and Answer Session

Well, we finished discussing the 3 parts of the career framework – the who, the what and the why. We’ve got them at the bottom of the post. I hope as you have listened to the discussions that some of it resonates with you and your personal situation. As you read the recommended books or start thinking about your capstone, please send in any questions you have. I’m here to help along the way.

We’ve already received some great questions, and this week Chris Dorobek and I discuss a few of them on the DorobekINSIDER program.

Frank DiGammarino answers your career questions – 1 by cdorobek

This week’s questions: pursuing a lateral career move into another field; a workaholic wanting to transition from being the “go to” person to moving into the background and spending more time with family; and suggestions on acclimating to a new job.

Thanks so much for sending in your comments and I look forward to answering more questions over the weeks to come. — Frank

Don’t Miss the 3-Part Career Framework:

  1. Who Are You? – Part 1 of the Career Framework
  2. What in the World am I Doing?
  3. Ask Yourself: What Are You Optimizing For?

Please send all your career questions to DorobekINSIDER producer [email protected]

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