Change Challenge Part3

Day 9 with Windows 8 on Laptop. While not proficient with the interface yet, I am definitely seeing a productivity improvement in day to day data consumption tasks. Office has received a similar update to the UI/UX with similar results. Next week becomes the real acid test, I’m going to update my wife’s laptop with the preview.

She had stayed behind on Office 2007 rather than update while she is in the middle of a major project. Yesterday was hell for her; She maxed out her IPhone and laptop [video, audio recordings and a half dozen versions of a document –old habits die hard]. I had to step in as tech support offloading 2 gig of data to an auxiliary drive. With the new interface and Skydrive she should be able to keep all her devices in sync much easier.

In the meantime I am rebuilding my home infrastructure in the few hours I have after dinner. I have to upgrade all my servers to 64bit –ouch! Fortunately my data is all on auxiliary and backup drives. I expect to have my own hybrid Cloud by December. Hopefully by that time the Windows Surface Pro will be available for purchase. Would like to get a 40″+ Touch Screen or Surface for my office once they come on the market. I can see that replacing all my White Boards that I use so much and then have to transcribe.

Back to Windows 8 learning curve. The Win Key and other short cuts are becoming my friends as I slowly get the hang of using tiles on my tablet. I’m still in mix mode between keyboard and tablet. I look forward to seeing Mind Mapping and other graphical applications being updated. At the rate I’m going I figure another several weeks and I will be proficient enough to say in tablet mode the majority of the time. I have been keeping informal track of time and tasks –the industry analyst in me I guess– for creating a possible case study on productivity using CoIT devices though technically this is a company supplied device. Should be interesting once I analyze the data.

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